Here is the Official Top Ten BEST Languages to Learn according to Lingos!

We’re putting them all at level pegging as we don’t consider any one language to be the most important. In ALPHABETICAL order we have:

Arabic – spoken by a large percentage of the world population – 293 million at the last count. Knowledge of this language will unlock the secrets of the Middle East and Northern Africa as many of the wide variety of Arabic dialects are mutually intelligible. *More on learning Arabic

Chinese – We’re slightly cheating here.. Mandarin or Cantonese. Mandarin is the most spoken language on the planet by a long way. Cantonese is widely spoken in the US and Australia but many Cantonese native speakers speak English. The big reason people are learning Mandarin is China’s continuing economic boom make learning this language ever more desirable across the World. *More on learning Chinese

English – Still the most widely spoken second language in the World, official language of many international bodies and businesses and the most popular choice worldwide for non-english speakers. *More on learning English

French – It may seem too traditional but as the most popular tourist destination in the World and due to the fact that, particularly in China, it is considered a sophisticated, cultured language thanks to it’s heritage, French maintains it’s position in the Top Ten best languages to learn. *More on learning French

German – Economic dominance in Europe, Germany’s status in the business world and the fact that it has the largest number of native speakers in Europe keeps this language on our must-learn list. *More on learning German

Hindi – As the fourth most spoken language in the World plus the fact that India is chasing China both economically and in terms of population there is no escaping the fact that there are many future opportunities to be made by a close relationship with India.

Japanese – Looking to the future Japan remains one of the most hi-tech countries in the World and significantly is the fourth most used language on the Internet which keeps Japanese on our list of the best languages to learn. *More on learning Japanese

Portuguese – The World’s sixth most spoken language combined with a burgeoning Brazilian economy and the upcoming Olympics in Brazil make this a popular choice. Also an historically interesting remember if you are in Portugal on holiday the Portuguese do not and will not speak Spanish! *More on learning Portuguese

Russian – With the eighth biggest number of native speakers (160 million) and the fifth most prevalent language in the World (nearing 300 million). Russian is still a global language – an official language of the UN and the major Slavic language to learn. Whilst Slavic languages are not necessarily mutually intelligible – it’s a good start. *More on learning Russian

Spanish – Widely spoken across the World and the no.2 most spoken. Whilst it’s home country may be floundering economically the importance of Spanish in America is continuously increasing plus you can travel all of South America with knowledge of this one language. *More on learning Spanish

Why are these the ten best? Because these ten languages will keep you moving the way the World is evolving politically and economically whilst also allowing you to read and understand the past from many different culture’s perspectives across the world. Finally, get these ten cracked and you’ll be well on your way to conversing with almost 50% of the World’s population, not bad given that there are actually nearly 7000 recognised languages in the world!

As ever with creating a top ten list there is a plethora of information to wade through and with this particular list the best languages to learn in the World may vary dependent on your geographical location, how likely you are to travel and why you want to learn..

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Here’s some other thoughts on alternative Top Ten Languages to learn in the world:

British newspaper The Telegraph lists it’s Top Ten in an attractive slideshow based on results from a survey to over 500 UK business leaders:

1. German 2. French 3. Spanish 4. Mandarin 5. Polish 6. Arabic 7. Cantonese 8. Russian 9.Japanese 10.Portuguese

However according to the US government you should be learning:

 Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish or Urdu. These languages are deemed crucial to U.S. national security and economic competitiveness.

Also to take into consideration is the fact that we live in a global economy and we are globally connected by way of the Internet. The 10 most used languages on the Internet are:  

1. English 2. Chinese 3. Spanish 4. Japanese 5. Portuguese 6. German 7. Arabic 8. French 9. Russian 10. Korean 


And here’s an article which suggests the top 6 languages children should learn:

Mandarin, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Sign Language. Very interesting that they included sign language 🙂  Btw I didn’t read the whole article so can’t comment on whether they intend children to learn all six!

Clearly, which languages make it on to these lists is very much a matter of opinion dependent on many factors and constantly subject to change thanks to economic and political considerations as well as where people most choose to go on holiday – which by the way is France…