People seek to learn a language for many different reasons, different people also learn better in different ways. A combination of choice of style of learning and motivations for learning result in a variety of different types of learner which we have identified in the following groups. Clearly, one person could be more than one type of learner and certainly may swap and change over time or as their skills improve or they move on to learn another new language.

Group Learners – This type of learner may be wanting to improve existing language skills or be embarking on learning a new language for the first time. They have chosen to learn in a group with a teacher for a set period of time.

Casual Learners – The Casual Learner is interested in learning a language but perhaps unable or not ready to commit to a structured learning environment on or off line. They may be flirting with different languages before deciding which to pursue OR they may have a good knowledge of a foreign language and are interested in maintaining their skills. They may take part in casual meet ups or exchanges, try out the odd app or watch the occasional foreign language film to “keep their hand in”.

Self Learners – Self motivated by a variety of different reasons the Self Learner sets aside time during the week to learn, practise and improve their language skills. They may use a variety of different resources including text books, audio, websites and apps. They generally know which language they are focusing on and why they are learning it.

Travel Learners – The Travel Learner prefers to immerse themselves in language learning by learning within the country where the language is learnt by studying on an immersion course. This style of learners knows that an intense period of focus will help them concentrate, focus and improve their language skills quickly.

Serious Learners – Without a doubt the Serious Learner knows that a committed approach with regular lessons on a one-to-one basis tailored specifically to their needs will deliver long lasting results. The Serious Learner is not looking for a quick fix for a one-off situation, they know they need instruction and want to acquire these skills permanently.

So it just remains for you to tell us – what type of language learner are YOU?