Use your “About Me” section to tell Learners why they should choose you as their teacher…

  • This is your one minute pitch. Convince learners to contact you for lessons.
  • Consider what is unique about you, your style of teaching and your experience. What elements of your career make you stand out as the right teacher.

If you are a little unsure or stuck for words then here is some content and style inspiration…

Professional Experience

  • What qualifies you to teach or how you became the teacher that you are today.
  • The style of teaching you like to use
  • Your favourite to teach
  • A specialist niche subject
  • Strengths in a particular area ie. spoken or written

Your Story

  • How you became inspired by learning and teaching languages
  • How important languages are to you
  • Why you teach a particular language if it is not your mother tongue.

Remember Your audience
Are they professional or casual or hobbyist learners, what might their goals be and how can you help them?

Don’t Sell Yourself Short!
Your profile should inspire potential students to make contact and purchase lessons.

Bear in mind the competition and write something compelling about yourself and your teaching.  With this in mind, avoid common phrases and potential cliches.

Typos, Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling
In order to inspire trust and confidence in your abilities – double check your profile for errors.

Review and Update
Your experience, skills, interests, and expertise evolve.  Update your profile every few months so that it reflects the current you.

To learn more about how to update your profile please see corresponding Help Desk articles.