The verified feature is something that has been added to Lingos as a request from our Learners. Being a Lingos Verified teacher provides trust and reassurance for your potential students.

  • Learners prefer to connect with Lingos Verified teachers
  • Learners have confidence and trust in Lingos Verified Teachers

Why Become Verified?

  • You appear higher in Lingos search rankings
  • Learners can quickly identify Lingos Verified teachers through the Verified badge that appears on your profile.
  • It demonstrates you are a serious Teacher with an active profile.

Verification Process

  1. Once you hold a Lingos PRO account, you can upload your documents from your Dashboard.
  2. You will be required to upload copies of qualifications you’ve listed on Lingos, Photo Identification with your name clearly visible, Curriculum Vitae and a reliable reference.
  3. These details will be cross-checked by the Lingos Team in order to verify your identity

To learn more about how to become Verified please see corresponding Help Desk articles. 

*Please note that you must be a Lingos PRO account holder to respond to become Verified.