• Lingos welcomes and encourages teachers from all stages of their teaching career.    
  • Lingos teachers receive enquiries from a broad range of learners, from the casual conversationalist to the serial polyglot!

Do I need Teaching Experience?
Teaching experience is preferable and will likely increase your enquiries, but not necessarily required. You can use Lingos to gain experience!

Do I Need a Teaching certificate?
Teaching certificates are are highly regarded and required by some Learners. Though you will find that other Learners may rate your experience, teaching style or the rapport gained from your trial lesson above all else.

Relevant Education and Training
The learner may be looking for a teacher they can relate to and share a common interest with. Make the most of your studies, experience, further training by stating these on the qualification section of your profile.  As a Lingos PRO teacher you can upload your documentation for Verification.

Do I Need to be a Native Speaker?
No. Many would say that learning French from and English speaker means they will empathise and cater for the common stumbling blocks. Other learners want to adopt a specific accent from day one, so may need a native speaker. Learners can elect the qualities which are most suitable for their requirements.

To learn more about Qualifications please see corresponding Help Desk articles.

*Please note, Basic (free) teachers are charged are unable to have their documents Verified. Lingos PRO account cost £9.95/month