At Lingos all the team have been taking online language lessons via Lingos – what does this mean? It means not using Skype or hangouts or facetime to connect with a teacher but connecting with a language teacher directly via the Lingos website – here we all are in the photo above on a team meeting using Lingos Video chat.

So, here’s our top 10 reasons to learn a language online:

Location: No matter where you are or  where your teacher is around the world you can connect and learn online from anywhere.

Equipment: All you need is an internet connection and a device: a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile connected to the internet and perhaps a little peace! Learn from home, the office, school or a café..

Time efficient: We are all pushed for time but learning a language online means no time is wasted travelling to and from a lesson.

Convenient: Have a lesson when it suits you not at an inconvenient time to you. Arrange your lesson around your life not your life around your lessons.

Frequency: Maybe once a week is not enough, or too much for you. Scheduling lessons online means you can easily manage 30 mins a day or 1 hour every two weeks  or an intense burst of an hour a day – whatever suits you – and you could take lessons with more than one teacher at the same time.. It all depends on you!

Speed: If you want to learn a language fast then online is for you. We learn faster from a real person, a real teacher.. we learn a language best when we practice often and learn from a native speaker. Learning online allows you to tailor everyhting you need to learn a language as fast as you want… if that’s your aim!

Tools: Complimentary online tools to help you – instant sharing of worksheets, links, images, all available simultaneously during your lesson.

Stay private: With online learning via Lingos there is no reason to share personal details, tidy your house, arrive in your car, have a lesson in a public place or even share your personal email or skype ID – just connect via Lingos.

Instantaneous: Scheduling and implementing your lesson can happen really fast – it’s brilliant! Being online means instant messaging and provides greater flexibility for learner and teacher to connect at mutually suitable times

Less chit-chat!:  Learning online can also mean there’s no distractions – it’s just the teacher and you, 100% focused on using your shared time most efficiently so that you learn in an optimum environment.


So what’s stopping you? Most Lingos teachers offer a free trial lesson so it’s easy to test it out – all you need to do is just click and learn 🙂