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Lingos integrated payment system is 100% secure and protects both Learner and Teacher.

Teachers and Learners carry out transactions on Lingos because it is easy and simple to request and make payments.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Learners purchase lessons from your Lingos Teacher profile.
  2. Lingos holds the money in a secure Escrow account.
  3. Teachers can withdraw their funds once a request and has been made by the teacher and approved by the student.

If a dispute occurs, Lingos will investigate and take necessary action to ensure the funds are released to the Teacher or returned to the Learner

Payment in Advance
Receiving payment for your lesson in advance prevents awkward moments asking for and handling cash.

More Lessons Booked
Learners feel confident paying up front for packages because they know their money is safe.

Transaction Record
Lingos tracks all transactions and outstanding payments to give you more time to focus on teaching.

No Commissions
As a Lingos PRO teacher you get the added benefit of not being charged commission fees

To learn more about Payments please see corresponding Help Desk articles.

*Please note, Basic (free) teachers are charged 10% commission. All teachers are charged a small 5% handling & transaction fee. Lingos PRO account cost £9.95/month